Protan is a Norway-based industry group that is a world leader in synthetic membrane technology. 70 years of experience, the new and modern investment in Turkey with innovative adapted to global markets, roofs with appropriate solutions to any climate, foundation, tunnel membranes, roofing systems, tunnels and mine ventilation systems, developing technical textiles and is supplying.

Our Projects

Protan products have been preferred in thousands of projects from tunnels to large-scale industrial buildings, from green roof projects to water structures all over the world. Our product and system warranties for projects are an integral part of our technical services.




Our Sustainability Policy

We collaborate with organizations, suppliers and customers in our environmental work. We also work closely with the authorities, interest groups and specialist communities in order to generate environmental improvements in a long-term perspective. We were also one of the first companies in Norway that quality assured our environment work through EPD - a document that summarizes an environmental profile to a finished product in a standardized and objective way. EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. EPD Norway is part of the ECO Platform.

Protan's products are manufactured in Norway with energy from Norwegian hydro power and we are certified pursuant to ISO 9001 quality systems and ISO 14001 environmental management systems.  Protan is an active participant in the European RoofCollect environmental organization, which collects and recirculates materials.